Must See: The Rock and Art Shop

rock and art shoprock and art 3This past September, I went to Maine for no particular reason at all other than to discover the unadulterated goodness of the east coast. While there, I did some shopping mainly because I’m female but also because I was in the mood to blow money. Most of the shops and stores were tourist traps, sporting neon pink hoodies that say “Bah Habah” (apparently how locals say Bar Harbor) adorned with a lobster. This is not for me. I don’t wear hot pink and I don’t want a lobster strewn across my breast. I wanted something different, something unique. Something that would help me remember my trip with joy and not moments of, “What was I drinking that made me buy that?”

Enter The Rock and Art Shop. This place was hands down the best store in all of Bar Harbor. I would even venture to say all of Maine, had I actually visited all of Maine. From the moment I walked in, I knew that I had met my match.

The entire store is full of curiosities…shark teeth, botany guides, rare stones, salt water pearls, and really anything else that you can think of. I was enthralled. I could have spent a week in there and probably wouldn’t have seen everything that the shop had to offer.

The downstairs area was more user friendly, with rock assortments, crystals, and a huge selection of flora and fauna that would make the most avid wannabe botanist giddy with excitement. The upstairs area was my favorite. It was almost this hidden attic that contained a bunch of weird stuff. If I was in Harry Potter, I would definitely find what I needed for my spells upstairs.

The charm of the shop full of oddities wasn’t the only thing that drew me in. I must have stood there with the shop owner for 30 minutes, chatting about his shop, where he’s from, what he likes to do, and my city, Detroit. He was knowledged and interesting.

I bought a botanical poster (only one in the shop, and it was $5…uh WUT) and a crystal with a handmade gold clasp for a necklace. I was smitten. I probably spent an hour in there, even though the shop was not by any means big. There’s so much to see, and every single time that I saw it all, I was wrong.

If you’re in Bar Harbor (Bah Hahbah), this is a MUST SEE. I would honestly take another vacation just to visit this shop.

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