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    White and Alone

    A few weeks back, I was invited to a party. So naturally, the first thing that I did was go through my pre-party do-I-want-to-go checklist Do I want to go? Do…

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    Too Much Woman

    Too smart. Too confident. Too particular. Too pretty. Too curvy. Too glamorous. Too sure of myself. Too funny. Too focused. Too ambitious. Too successful. Too inspired. I’m Leah, and these are…

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    3 People to Leave in 2015

    Happy New Year! It‘s January 1, two thousand and freaking sixteen. A brand new year, a brand new chance for success in love, right?!  Every year we have this sensational opportunity…

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    The Single Kringle

    I love Christmas. Gosh, I love Christmas. I love when Target brings out all of their wrapping paper. I love the first snow and the cold, crisp air. I love the…

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    When You Can’t Move On

    Grief. Sadness. Pain. These are real things. They are tangible. When we hear these words, we equate them to an experience in our life. They mean something to us because we…

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    Where the Crap is My Boaz

    Ahhh, singleness. Breathe that in ladies. What you’re smelling right now is the sweat that forms when I am about to attempt to answer the all-formidable question of “You’re so great; why…