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    What 33 Taught Me

    Well, it happened. Yesterday was my birthday, and today I woke up 34 and sort of sore (I started the Jillian Michaels workouts and Y’ALL). Maybe that will be my slogan…

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    Women Vs. Women

    “I am proud to be a Christian woman who is not a feminist.” Lately, I’ve been hearing that narrative a lot. Hot take: it makes no sense. It’s like saying, “I…

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    There’s this moment of adulthood where you really take a step back and just observe the workings of the relationships in your life. I’ve done that. A lot, lately. I’m in a…

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    Look at Her Butt

    Yesterday, a friend of mine was on a walk with her two young sons. A car drove by, and a man yelled out the window, “Yeah baby, work that fat butt.”…

  • Relationships Women

    I Choose Me

    The other day I was sitting in a meeting, thinking about this Netflix show that I’ve been addicted to when I found myself interrupted with the instructions to pair off with a…

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    The Problem with Pretty

    So it’s Friday, and this week I did something to my body that made everyone completely freak out. I shaved my legs. Just kidding. I easily haven’t shaved since last Wednesday.…