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  • Women

    Look at Her Butt

    Yesterday, a friend of mine was on a walk with her two young sons. A car drove by, and a man yelled out the window, “Yeah baby, work that fat butt.”…

  • Relationships


    He came unexpectedly. He was smart, funny, motivated, and kind. He got me. It was as simple as that. He just got me. I could be anyone when I was with…

  • Politics

    The Weirdest Day

    FULL DISCLOSURE: Before I begin, I want to make sure everybody knows that I do not have my degree in political science. I’ve done a lot of reading today on all…

  • Relationships Women

    I Choose Me

    The other day I was sitting in a meeting, thinking about this Netflix show that I’ve been addicted to when I found myself interrupted with the instructions to pair off with a…

  • Randoms Rants

    Who Would Jesus Vote For?

    When I was 8 years old, I called my friend a “stupid buttface” and told her that she wasn’t going to be in my wedding.  We got in a fight over…

  • Rants Women

    The Problem with Pretty

    So it’s Friday, and this week I did something to my body that made everyone completely freak out. I shaved my legs. Just kidding. I easily haven’t shaved since last Wednesday.…

  • Detroit Home

    America, the Great

    I am Leah. I am French, Armenian, and Belgian, and I am an American. My father’s mother came to the United States after World War II from France; His father’s father…

  • Randoms

    Dear Little Girls

    Dear little girls, Today you are two years old. Today, you have been on this planet for 730 days, breathing the air that I breathe and seeing the same sun, moon,…

  • Detroit Food

    Delish: Townhouse Detroit

    I like to start every restaurant review by reminding everyone that I am NOT a food critic, nor am I a professionally-trained chef. The only thing that I am professionally trained…