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  • Politics

    The Weirdest Day

    FULL DISCLOSURE: Before I begin, I want to make sure everybody knows that I do not have my degree in political science. I’ve done a lot of reading today on all…

  • Relationships Women

    I Choose Me

    The other day I was sitting in a meeting, thinking about this Netflix show that I’ve been addicted to when I found myself interrupted with the instructions to pair off with a…

  • Randoms Rants

    Who Would Jesus Vote For?

    When I was 8 years old, I called my friend a “stupid buttface” and told her that she wasn’t going to be in my wedding.  We got in a fight over…

  • Rants Women

    The Problem with Pretty

    So it’s Friday, and this week I did something to my body that made everyone completely freak out. I shaved my legs. Just kidding. I easily haven’t shaved since last Wednesday.…

  • Detroit Home

    America, the Great

    I am Leah. I am French, Armenian, and Belgian, and I am an American. My father’s mother came to the United States after World War II from France; His father’s father…

  • Randoms

    Dear Little Girls

    Dear little girls, Today you are two years old. Today, you have been on this planet for 730 days, breathing the air that I breathe and seeing the same sun, moon,…

  • Detroit Food

    Delish: Townhouse Detroit

    I like to start every restaurant review by reminding everyone that I am NOT a food critic, nor am I a professionally-trained chef. The only thing that I am professionally trained…

  • Home Relationships

    Dad + Mom

    Today, I celebrate the day that my parents got married. Marriage isn’t always easy. They’ve both shared that with me on separate occasions as we’ve talked about my future, and I’ve…

  • Travel

    The Last Day

    The last day of vacation is always weird, isn’t it? Like you want to soak in every single moment and picture and feeling and experience and baguette, but you also are…