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  • Randoms Rants

    Why Women Keep Getting Raped

    “She was dressed like a slut.” “She asked for it.” “She was all over him.” We live in a culture that uses these excuses for why a woman is allowed to…

  • Food

    Make Me: Sexy Red Salad

    So, before you write this off as some healthy schmealthy post, please know that I love food. God, I love food. So when I put a recipe up, especially one for…

  • Travel

    Mackinaw City, Michigan

      I love Mackinaw. God, I love Mackinaw. I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with the greatest place in the world to stay when I wander up there and…

  • Travel

    Must See: The Rock and Art Shop

    This past September, I went to Maine for no particular reason at all other than to discover the unadulterated goodness of the east coast. While there, I did some shopping mainly…

  • Randoms Rants

    Shut up, Christian

    There are two kinds of people in the world: people who are good at giving encouragement and people who are not good at giving encouragement. Unfortunately for the entire human race,…

  • Rants

    The Facebook Friends We Despise

    If there’s anything that I know about Facebook, it’s that it is possibly the most entertaining thing ever created. Where else can I see drama unfold, see love crumble before my…

  • Randoms

    The Prostitute Knew Best

    Let me just preface this by saying that this is not my open declaration that I was once a prostitute. These lessons aren’t from me. Just wanted to make sure that…

  • Food Home

    Make Me: Crack Infused Berry Trifle

    I originally stumbled upon this recipe on Skinny Taste, a website for the hungry chubs of the world. I made it once and fell in love with it. Head over heels,…