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    There’s this moment of adulthood where you really take a step back and just observe the workings of the relationships in your life. I’ve done that. A lot, lately. I’m in a…

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    He came unexpectedly. He was smart, funny, motivated, and kind. He got me. It was as simple as that. He just got me. I could be anyone when I was with…

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    Dad + Mom

    Today, I celebrate the day that my parents got married. Marriage isn’t always easy. They’ve both shared that with me on separate occasions as we’ve talked about my future, and I’ve…

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    Lost Love

    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.  You know what, Tennyson? I appreciate your contribution to mankind and all, but seriously, shut up. If…

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    White and Alone

    A few weeks back, I was invited to a party. So naturally, the first thing that I did was go through my pre-party do-I-want-to-go checklist Do I want to go? Do…

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    When You Can’t Move On

    Grief. Sadness. Pain. These are real things. They are tangible. When we hear these words, we equate them to an experience in our life. They mean something to us because we…